Sunday, May 27, 2018

22 Jul

Sprouting cauliflowers?

After days of promising, the rain storm has finally hit us here in the home counties. Unfortunately I don’t think it will help me much with the daily garden watering duties as the pots are so overflowing with flowers the rain wouldn’t have found a way in.

I spied my first tomato the other day and hope that there are many more to follow. A friend gave me some courgettes from her allotment the other day which were simply delicious and although my courgettes are very tiny I am getting too impatient and want them to be ready now. Must remember good things come to those who wait!

The flowers are of course looking spectacular. The wintunia is a stunning flower with hundreds of delicate purple flowers, the three small plug plants have completely filled the pot I put them in.

I seem to be ok at growing the flowers, however I am not sure what on earth I have done to my cauliflowers??


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