Sunday, May 27, 2018

20 May

Strawberries and Petunias

I’m not sure if this warmer weather is luring me into a false sense of security and hidden round the corner there is still a nasty cold snap waiting. The petunia Debonair Dusty Rose is producing some beautiful flowers and I really want to plant them out into a pot and start showing them off but I am worried that the risk of frost is still possible.

The beans which are part of the small vegetable collection arrived last week and are doing well under the cloche in my new vegetable bed. I have also sown some peas which much to my surprise have come through. The reason for my surprise is that I found the packet in the bottom drawer with a use by date of last year. But rather than throw them out I decided that there is no harm in planting them and giving them a chance.

There are plenty of strawberry flowers coming through and this year I must make more of an effort to plant the trailers. I have had some good yielding strawberry plants which have lasted almost 6 years but I think last year may have been their final year as they are looking rather sparse. Luckily the strawberry plants I got from Gardening Direct last year look like they will produce another bumper crop. I will use these trailers to replace the old plants and yet again keep ourselves in plentiful supply of strawberries.


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