Saturday, May 26, 2018

18 Sep

Stuck at home with Chickenpox!

Just as the new school term starts and I am managing to spend a couple of solitary hours in the garden again, my children have come down with Chickenpox. Looking on the bright side, the sun is still shining which means that although we are all confined to the house for the next couple of weeks we are still able to get outside and get some fresh air. So if I want for nothing else over the next couple of weeks please do not let it rain as I fear cabin fever will really set in.


Whilst the children have stretched their legs in the garden I have used the time to start preparing it for the coming winter months. I have mowed the lawn and have spiked it to aerate it. I have tidied up some of the pots ready for the pansies and daffodils, which have started arriving in the post. My window boxes are still looking good with the petunia’s and begonia’s so I will enjoy them for a little bit longer. The big begonia is also still going strong which I am very pleased about as this has been one of my favourite plants this summer. It has been a real crowd pleaser and has been the main focus point of my garden. I have had so many comments about the plant due to their vibrant red colour and size and will definitely have them back in my garden next summer.


I have started to dry out the sunflower heads as they die. I hope that if I save the seeds inside the heads until next year I will be able to have the same display of beautiful sunflowers again.


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