Friday, June 22, 2018

27 Jun

Sun and rain make mark on garden

Petunia Double Fantastic Mix

Well after a long dry May June has certainly made up for it in terms of rainfall.

 Whilst the garden got a good soaking in the wet weather with the garden benefiting the most from the wet weather the plants in the pots still needed watering. I nearly lost the plants in the herb tray and petunias after forgetting to water them for a couple of days – thankfully I got there in time and they have recovered.

Kids and husband found it highly amusing to watch me with the watering can over pots whilst I got soaked by the rain!

Now the weather has turned again and the sun has come out and the heat has been turned up and I’m back out with the hosepipe.

The children are taking great delight in seeing how the plants have grown particularly the pumpkins which have doubled in size. My daughter is particularly pleased with the lilies she planted as they have just burst into flower.

Am very impressed with some of the pictures that people have entered for the photo competition. I love looking at other people’s gardens for ideas.

I’ve just ordered my seed potatoes so I’ll have plenty of potatoes for Christmas.  Lets not  think about Christmas before I know it I’ll be picking the sloe berries again for the Sloe Gin.


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