Wednesday, July 18, 2018

29 Mar


I bought a gardening magazine the other day in the vain hope that it will turn me into a knowledgeable gardener. I am not sure if it will improve my skills overnight, but I did get some free sunflower seeds with the magazine that I can plant and while I wait for them to grow I can build on my gardening knowledge at the same time.


The sunflower seeds will be a perfect opportunity for me to start my son off on his gardening career and spend some lovely mother and son time. I think we will sow them on Sunday with it being Mothers Day!


I have a perfect spot in the garden where I am sure the sunflowers will thrive, but first I need to sow them indoors, position them on a sunny windowsill and provide them with a lot of love and attention (with the help of a 4 year old too).


Suddenly memories of two years ago have come flooding back to me and it has given me a bit of a sinking feeling. I spent many evenings and weekends sowing seeds of every vegetable imaginable. To my husbands disgust I managed to turn our bedroom into a make-shift green house for a few months with propagators everywhere. All in all it felt like a lot of effort for very little return, although my small harvest of home grown vegetables were the best I have ever tasted.


I know that as a novice I shouldn’t be disheartened with my first attempts and that I should take on board everything I learnt in this period and run with it (namely not to try and grow every variety of vegetable in your first year). When I heard about plug plants the gardening buzz came back and I am now raring to go.


So as I think about planting these sunflower seeds I realise that using plug plants is such a perfect solution. I will (hopefully) grow a variety of plants, feel that I have somehow been involved in that process but also know that the hardest and most time consuming stage has already been done by the experts.


I think that plug plants must be an ideal choice for any busy person who wants to join the growing trend of gardening but feels daunted by all the advice on when, how and where to sow. Now that Spring is officially here I am certainly looking forward to getting out in the garden with the kids and start planting.


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