Sunday, May 27, 2018

11 May

Sunpatiens Sunsplash White – brand new variety

I’d been away for the weekend and guess what the first thing I did after walking through the front door on my return was? Obviously the first thing  was to check that my babies were ok (Thomas and Zoe of course!) but after cuddles with my children I then had to check that my other babies were also ok! I cannot believe that these plants have become such an extension to my family and I still cannot believe how easy they have been to grow (I even left my husband in charge of them for the weekend).


The hundreds of green leaved babies that are sitting in my growhouse are doing really well and seem to have grown loads over the three days I was away. I am going to set aside the bank holiday weekend for planting them all into their final resting places of borders, pots, window boxes and hanging baskets. The sunflowers are desperate to get out into the garden, but unfortunately the vegetable seeds that I planted are not doing quite so well. They were purchased (not from Gardening Direct I hasten to add) a couple of years ago so I am not that surprised.


I had another familiar package of plug plants waiting for me on my return from my weekend away, Chocolate Cosmos this time. When in flower these are supposed to have a vanilla and hot chocolate scent and I cannot wait to find out what this is like. They are perennials so I am going to put them into the beds in a couple of weeks time.


Gardening Direct have launched a Sunpatiens that sounds ideal for most gardens, including mine. The Sunpatiens Sunsplash White is a giant plant with large, saucer-shaped flowers three times larger than normal. It produces pure white flowers throughout the summer and into autumn.


The flowers are produced through temperature which makes this plant ideal for full sun, semi shade or shade. It even keeps its unusual variegation in shade – making it ideal for that dull corner in a garden.


My garden has one spot that despite my yearly efforts I can never get anything to flourish. I have instead covered it over with some ‘pretty’ stones.  However, I am thinking that this buzy lizzy will be perfect for this gap. It is a perfect ‘Credit Crunch Busy Lizzy’ – producing the same spread as three typical New Guinea Impatiens (£13.99 for ten large plug plants).


It grows to a height of 50cm with a spread of 80 – 90 cm. The plugs are despatched mid/late June, and can be ordered until May 30th (while stocks last)


It also has an excellent history of disease resistance without any record to date of being affected by the recent outbreak of mildew that decimated many Impatiens last season. 



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