Saturday, May 26, 2018

22 Nov

Super shrubs could be the answer!

Well we have finally finished the big Tidy Up in the garden and the shed. Somehow, with the kids ‘helping’ it seemed to take much longer than scheduled but it is done now.

We managed to find space for all the geranium tubs and they look really pretty together at one end of the conservatory. However, when we moved them we also took various spiders, snails and other insects with us who quickly decided that they liked their new, warm quarters and started to explore!

Having ejected the ‘foreigners’ and cleaned off the worst of the earth etc from the terracotta pots they do look really nice and it was worth the back ache from moving them!

We grew a wide variety of bedding this summer and removing the dead plants has left the garden looking rather bare and sad.

To that end, we have decided to grow more shrubs since they do not need to be taken up each autumn and do add colour to the garden in winter.

We have been doing our research and have decided on some bright Azaleas which we plan to plant in clumps for maximum effect.

Other shrubs we have selected include Forest Flame Pieri, which we may grow in a pot for maximum flexibility and Helleboris Niger, with its pretty white flowers.

In any event, the garden should look brighter when we have finished, even if the shrubs are not in flower. Instant gardening at its best!


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