Saturday, May 26, 2018

01 Mar

The joys of gardening with the children.

Since my last blog, the potatoes have arrived and I am now following the easy guide provided by Gardening Direct on how to store the potatoes before starting the chitting process in a couple of weeks.

After my success with the vegetables and fruit last year my 5 year old son was very excited to see the potatoes and realised that the ‘gardening season’ for me and the children will be starting very soon. I have definitely found using plug plants so much easier in terms of fitting in with a very busy family life, work commitments and impatient toddlers wanting to see more than just a seed.

My small city garden unfortunately does not have enough space for me to plant endless amounts of vegetable seeds which is why I have found plug plants ideal.

For me gardening is all about spending time in the garden with the children and hopefully growing a thing or two. My children are as enthused as I am in the garden and I think that this is helped by the fact that we have had such a great success rate with all out plants – vegetables and flowers. There is such joy at watching them happily tuck into a meal using the vegetables and fruit that they have helped along the way.

The sun is shining today, and like my son, I am getting very excited about the thought of getting out more in the garden in a few weeks.


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