Saturday, May 26, 2018

30 Jul

Tights and Trees!!

Last year one of the shrubs in my garden died, I have no idea what it was and can’t even remember what it looked like. Anyway, at the beginning of spring this year I managed to get it out of the ground. This was great in that it left enough room for all the foxgloves to spread their leaves, however, what I now realise is that it was actually supporting one of the small trees I have in the garden.

Don’t ask me what this tree is as I haven’t got a clue on that either, all I do know is that the trunk is not strong enough to support its branches and leaves. If I take it down or remove the branches then I leave my garden extremely exposed and overlooked and as much as I have very friendly neighbours I do like to have some privacy.

The solution to this is to stake it but at the moment this will mean trampling over a large number of flowers in order to get to it. I have tried tying it to the fence with garden twine which only works  until there is a gust of wind.

Interestingly I have just read that using a pair of old tights may help as they are soft and stretchy and much stronger than string. So it is now time to rifle through the drawers to find an old pair of said item and hope that this will help until the autumn arrives when I will be able to get to the back of the borders and stake the thing in properly.


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