Saturday, May 26, 2018

14 Oct

Tomato seeds and gin

This weekend is all about harvesting for a later date. I picked some sloe berries a couple of Saturdays ago and have stored them in the freezer ever since – sloe gin is best made after the first frost. I picked the berries before natures first frost so I have had to go for an artificial version in the style of my fridge freezer. The gin still tastes just as good!!

I was also going to attempt to save my tomato seeds for next year. As I had already done the sunflower seeds I was feeling fairly confident about doing the tomatoes, or was, until I read up on this on the internet.  A quick check on Gardening Direct’s website and I see that a packet of tomato seeds costs 79p and I am now wondering why on earth I am even considering the hassle of saving the tomato seeds and am going to go for the easy option.


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