Saturday, May 26, 2018

07 Aug

Tomatoes and Strawberries

Despite my initial thoughts about my inability to grow tomatoes from seed I seem to be doing surprisingly well. I have lots of green tomatoes on my three plants all of differing sizes and am hoping that they will all ripen sometime soon.

I have been reading on the forums that I need to get rid of some of the leaves and trusses whilst making sure I don’t go too high or too mad. Am feeling a little bit scared about doing this as I have been known to get a bit carried away with the secateurs.

We are still eating lots of potatoes in my house and I would like to grow some more seed potatoes if it is not too late to plant them. I think I need to get that done this weekend though if I have any chance of eating them with my Christmas Dinner.

The strawberries are also doing really well with both varieties (Gardening Direct’s and my own) producing a really high yield, not enough for all four of us to eat but certainly enough for the children to pick and eat on a daily basis.






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