Sunday, May 27, 2018

28 Apr

Tulip Ice Cream

This time last year my garden had only a hint of colour from a few daffodils and bluebells. This year its a completely different story thanks to my autumn plug plants from Gardening Direct. Each day I get so excited when I go out into the garden, there are flowers which are getting bigger and better and others where new colours are emerging. And the flower that I am really waiting to show it self is almost there.

Last Autumn I planted 5 Ice Cream Tulips (pictured on the left) from Gardening Direct into one of my pots and I have been patiently waiting ever since. Tulips are my all time favorite flower and when combined with a name like Ice Cream it just makes me smile. We are now so close to seeing whether or not this flower leaves up to its name, but judging on what it looks like at the moment I don’t think that it will disappoint.

Not only have I learnt heaps and bounds this past year but my confidence and love for gardening has increased ten fold. I am not an expert gardener by any stretch of the imagination but the difference is that I will certainly have a go at trying new things. The seeds I saved from last years sunflowers were planted 10 days ago and have germinated and are already in need of being repotted – I had a little help from my daughter with the planting so there are quite a few pots with 6 or 7 shoots in. Before starting this blog and getting involved in gardening, would I have known you could save your sunflower seeds for planting the following year? If I had I would have been doing it already!

Theses pictures were taken from my garden yesterday and from left to right are; Tulip Ice Cream, Tulip Rembrandt Mix, my first strawberry flower (planted last year), newly planted cauliflower plug plant (with hyacinth city of harlem and pansy spring dawn in the pot behind).


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