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30 Mar

Two big fat pigeons

The fence has been erected and the garden has been tidied. I have even sorted out the garden shed and managed to pull out all the old propagators ready to nurture the plug plants. I also finally managed to put up the bird feeders and bird nests and feed my non-existent birds. Imagine my surprise when after a week my bird feeders had their first visitor’s, two big fat pigeons!! I did also catch a glimpse of a Robin, which unfortunately got chased off by the pigeons before I managed to get the camera. 

 Two fat pigeons

Thomas (my son) and I have finally planted the sunflower seeds and now have a beautiful selection of yogurt pots scattered around the various window sills in my house. I have tried to explain to a four year old that the seeds will take a couple of weeks to grow and in the meantime we need to keep them warm and watered. Patience is a virtue and an impossible task to the eyes of a four year old!


Thomas planting    


   Sunflowers 2

We have also recently become keen gardeners at my son’s school gardening club. This week we have been weeding in the raised beds ready for the vegetable plants and producing ‘Spotters Boards’. We are now on the look out for barn owl’s, frogs and a comma butterfly in the garden. I will keep you posted on how we get on. Apparently ‘Edible Playgrounds’ are the new buzz word.


3 Comments on "Two big fat pigeons"

  1. Sue Harris on Fri, 10th Apr 2009 5:41 pm 

    Hi, I also love feeding the birds, but be careful now the lovely fat pigeons have arrived. My feathered fat friends have managed to flatten quite a few of my lovely plants!!!

  2. john lane on Sat, 11th Apr 2009 6:43 am 

    Great to hear that you have got involved with the children a great pity that other people don’t take a leaf out of your book and do the same as you,keep it up.


  3. Donald Black on Sat, 11th Apr 2009 12:02 pm 

    Time goes very slowly when you are young. I remember when I was in my first job if I phoned a friend to make a date for that evening, if I was told it would have to be “tomorrow night” that seemed like an impossibly long time to wait. When I was in my twenties my aunt would discuss their holiday plans for “this year” and where they would holiday “next year”. That seemed again an impossibly long time away.

    Time goes faster as you grow older. This is why more older people garden than younger people. Gardening is not for the young. One has to wait impossibly long times for results and older folk can wait because time passes so fast for them.

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