Saturday, May 26, 2018

23 May

Wizzard answer to a shady part of the garden.

 One side of the garden spends a lot of the day in shade. Since moving into the house I’ve been looking for plants that will thrive in this part of the garden. This weekend the Coleus wizzard plants arrived.  These plants are perfect for bringing some colour into this area of the garden something that many shade loving plants don’t offer. The plants have some fantastic shades of green, yellow, pinks and burgundy.

I’ve also planted out a couple of planters with Coleus Wizzard combined with Atlantic Burgundy Geraniums. I’m a big fan of geraniums as not only do they bring many months of colour into the garden they are also better resistant to dry conditions something which seems to be particularly important this year. I particularly love the unusual colour of the Atlantic Burgundy.

The children had great fun planting out my mini jack be little pumpkins and tomatoes. I am going to take up the tip from BBC Gardeners World on Friday about planting basil with tomatoes. Once the basil I’ve grown from seed is more established I’ll plant out with my tomatoes. 

I’ve set the BBC coverage of Chelsea to record so am looking forward to spending the evenings get ideas for the garden.


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