Saturday, May 26, 2018

10 Apr

Work to be done

I have finally got out into the garden and to say that I was feeling a little bit daunted would be an understatement.

Having been away for the Easter break I cannot believe how much the grass appears to have grown in my absence. The violas and pansies have also suddenly come into their own. It seems that overnight my drab garden has regained its colour once again.

 The reason I am suddenly feeling a bit daunted is that April is here and there just seems so much to do. Most of the plug plants I got last week have been planted into their newspaper pots, however I still need to plant the potatoes and sow some sweetcorn.

 I am going to have another go at tomatoes this year despite last years unripe crop and I also need to start sowing the sunflower seeds that I collected from last years flowers.

 So all in all a busy few days are ahead, lucky for me I hear the weather is going to be kind.

 As I write this, 120 Lobelia Fountain Mix have just turned up in the post!


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