Saturday, May 26, 2018

20 Feb

You say “potato,” I say “patattah”

PotatoBut I am definitely not calling the whole thing off, quite the opposite in fact!

Last year I got some potatoes from my local DIY store and grew them in a variety of heavy duty bags, including one of the old green waste recycling bags from the council.

This was the second year of growing potatoes and although I got a good crop, it wasn’t enough to keep a family of four potato lovers fed for more than a week.

As I don’t have an allotment or the space in my garden I know that there is only a certain quantity that I can grow. However, what I have not really got my head round before is the 1st Early, 2nd Early and Main Crop planting. I have no idea when each should be planted or harvested.

I do certainly feel more confident this year having learnt a few basic potato growing rules and would like to set my crop expectations slightly higher this year, and dare I say it…. eat my homegrown potatoes for Christmas lunch???

So this year my aim, with the help of Gardening Direct, is to have a continuous supply of potatoes and I am hoping that the Potato Successional Collection will do just that.

It comprises 5 x 1st Early, 5 x 2nd Early, 5 x Main Crop.

Pentland Javelin for a May, June, July harvest

Carlingford for a June to September harvest

King Edward for an August to September harvest

 As I have 6 bags I am thinking of maybe also including a salad potato but am wondering if I may be biting off a bit more than I can chew or, more importantly, that my garden size dictates!!


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