Sunday, May 27, 2018

01 Nov

Autumnal tidy-up

In the garden, it seems that the opposite of Spring Cleaning applies, as it is in the Autumn when the tidying up takes place and you get that satisfying sense that all is cleared away and ready for the Winter ahead. I am never sure how many seed heads to leave on for the frost to decorate, but usually leave a few of the more statuesque and tidy away the ones that trail, get damp and detract rather than enhance.

I have just spent a satisfying afternoon raking leaves, I hope for the last time, and cutting back. In the spaces that have been revealed, I have planted tulips, the dark Queen of the Night interspersed with a pure white, which I hope will escape the mice and damp to produce a pleasing display next year.

In the poly tunnel, I am nurturing violas, ornamental cabbages and wallflowers, which I think need another week in their pots before I plant up my pots for winter display. I plan to underplant with the remaining tulips and dwarf narcissi and the rest will be up to nature. I have taken cuttings of the geraniums and put them in the tunnel. It is the first winter for the tunnel, so it will be interesting to see how warm it stays and how things fare in the colder months – all a learning experience.

Vegetable wise, we are still eating carrots, tomatoes, broccoli and leeks. I am hoping to keep some going to see if I can produce a home-grown platter for the Christmas table…………


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