Sunday, May 27, 2018

12 Oct

Bulbs galore

Have just spent a pleasant afternoon in the sunshine planting bulbs. Allium, tulips of three different varieties, pink, white and purple Queen of the Night. Having seen this garden go through a full circle of seasons for the first time, I am getting a feel for the gaps and while the early spring bulbs, snowdrops in particular, were in abundance, there was definatley a gap later in the season and I hope that the tulips will fill it.

There is also plenty of tidying up to do. Leaves everywhere and plants beginning to look distinctly tired. The begonias are now on their last legs and next week I plan to refill the pots with violas, underplanted with the dwarf narcissi. We had our first frost last week, albeit in the more exposed spots, and the heating came on for the first time, a definate sign that Winter is on its way.
Still brightening up the days, though, is the abundant harvest of tomatoes. I picked a whole basket today and plan to roast them in the oven with basil, olive oil and garlic – delicious!


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