Sunday, May 27, 2018

05 May

Everything Sprouting

The past two weeks have seen a flurry of activity in the garden. The combination of the warm and at times wet weather has meant that you can almost hear things growing. A whole array of plants has been arriving in the post and I have been busy potting on. I have some relaxing and satisfying times in the polytunnel with my dibber and accompanied by the sound of the lambs, who are getting bigger and bolder and see every fence as a challenge to be breached.


I now have a wonderful array of nicotiana, cosmos, gazinia, anthirrinum  and dahlia, not to mention asparagus and leeks.  They are all now patiently waiting for the moment when it feels safe to plant them out to take their chances in the northern weather. The advantages of the extra warmth provided by the polytunnel are now becoming very apparant. The lettuces are now almost harvestable, if there is such a word and the potatoes I planted two weeks ago are already peeping out of the soil. The peas are now well on their way in their guttering and ready to plant out now that the magic May is here.

I am on tenderhooks, as I am just about to go and collect my competition leeks from up the road. I am already feeling nervous about the responsibility of caring for them to show standard, and hope that my totally amatuerish aproach is not too apparant on the day!


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