Saturday, May 26, 2018

10 Jul

Foliage galore!

Have just been out to the tunnel to pick flowers for the house and have returned with a wonderful selection, nicotiana, sunflowers, more sweet peas and my first dahliaa, which is very exciting. I should probably have left them a little longer, but could not resist their blowsy charm. The nicotiana are flowering profusely, but lack in colour compared to their outside cousins and I wonder about how the plastic filters the light. I did have a conversation over the garden wall with a man in a village nearby and he said he had given up growing flowers inside for that reason. In addition everything seems to be putting its energy into the leaves, especially the courgettes, which are surpassing thier usual triffid like status. I think next year I will have to be a bit more discerning about what is planted inside and out.


 We have people to stay this weekend, so I am looking forward to feeding them on garden produce – potatoes, which I hope have benefited from a few more weeks in the ground – same aforementioned man said ten weeks was the minimum – lettuce, mangetout, broad beans, and courgettes – I aim to impress upon them that life up North is not all turnips and mushy peas!


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