Sunday, May 27, 2018

14 Aug

Food from the garden

I think this week I can safely say that we are entirely self sufficient in vegetables. In fact the crops are so abundant that I am madly looking up recipes to do with the surplus. The stars this week have definately been the brassicas. The broccoli goes on and on, and I have made copious amounts of delicious broccoli and leek soup to use up the heads that have gone to seed. I was pleased to see that where I have picked the main head little babies are emerging for a second crop. However, I am most proud of my cauliflower ( Clapton F1), the picture of which, below, speaks for itself – to be made into cauliflower cheese served with crispy bacon and new potatoes for supper tonnight.


Also this week I have discovered lurking under a mass of foliage six huge cucumbers (Diana), which I plan to turn into sweet cucumber pickle. And to great excitement I have picked my first tomatoes, the stylish Italian Bambino which taste delicious.

Typically, having not quite been ready for the show last week, this week there are some fantastic blooms on my Dahlia Tahiti Sunrise, which nonetheless look elegant and calm on the kitchen window sill. All in all a very satisfying week gardening!



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