Sunday, May 27, 2018

24 Jul

Has summer gone?

I went outside one early morning this week and felt a distinct chill in the air. It struck me that this is what people mean when they refer to the short growing season up here and I have the distinct feeling that the hottest days are behind us. That said the gloom was lifted by the continuing abundance of produce. The sweet peas are still producing madly, now moving onto a lovely white variety. The only draw back is that I planted them too close to the snapdragons, which are consequently rather smothered.

The big excitement this week is my first broccoli floret, whhich has come on one of the plants is the tunnel and looks nearly ready to eat. I have never had any luck with calabrese before, so this is very satisfying and the good news is that the boys like broccoli, so having turned their noses up at my broad beans, they will at last be eating my garden produce. The inevitable downside is that the the caterpillars have appeared and so the leaves are now resemblant of lace. I am afraid I will have to resort to a spray if they get any worse. I will try washing up liquid first and if that is no good may have to take a less organic line……all suggestions welcome


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