Saturday, May 26, 2018

30 Jun


My middle son and I have decided we are moving to Barbados – this weekend we sat under a ‘sea fret’ for three days as the rest of the country was bathed in unbroken sunshine – apparantly this is a well known phenomenon at this time of year in the north east – a fact that my husband handily neglected  to mention as he listed the merits of Northern living. Still there are compensations – as I walked the dog early this morning in the field out the back I was accompanied by a barn owl, presumably on its way back home. However, although the sun is a bit lacking, it is fabulously hot. As I walk out of the back door, I am greeted by the wonderful aroma  of Nicotiana from the pots , and I can imagine myself in Bali.
The highlight this week continues to be the sweet peas in the polytunnel. My outside ones are still only a foot or so tall, but the tunnel plants are producing a big bunch every two days or so. I have also picked several bunches of nicotiana for the house – all very satisfying. I have a feeling that the tunnel is going to prove most successful for flowers and salad veg and the rest may be better off outside. Gardening is nothing if not a steep learning curve…


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