Sunday, May 27, 2018

23 Mar

In the vegetable garden all is not well

It has been a week of mixed fortunes. While the weather has been heart and body warming, the vermin have been out in force. With the warmth and sunshine of last week,  the garden was the place to be. We mowed the lawn for the first time this year and that just cut grass smell conjured up images of summer days. My little vases inside now contain lovely posies of pulmonaria, narcissi, hyacinths and hellebores. I always enjoy the thought at this time of year that for the next  six months or so there will be fresh flowers to pick in the garden, I am hoping to extend this season with the polytunnel and have ordered plants to create a ‘cutting garden’ under cover.

Mothers day flowers

Mothers day flowers

In the vegetable garden all is not well. Middle son came scurrying in last week from letting the chickens out gleefully telling me that there was a rabbit in the chicken run. When I went out to investigate, I discovered that said rabbit and his friends had also visited the raised beds, which now had tunnels that any miner would be proud of, and my precious onions strewn asunder. They have been hopefully replanted and we have now constructed a rather heath Robinson affair of piping and netting, which my husband is not allowing me to post on the blog, in an effort to deter them, though I fear that more drastic measures may be required.  

I have planted out my broad beans – a row in the tunnel and two outside. Outside, I have employed my tried and tested method of cut off water bottles for protection, and hope that will give tham a good start. This week I plan to plant out some lettuces in pots and sow some carrots. I have always grown carrots in buckets, partly due to lack of space, but also in theory the gap to the rim of the bucket protects from root fly, which fly along at ground level – so far it has been successful and allows you to fill the buckets with finer compost that I can ever achieve in my beds, thus reducing ‘forking’…..


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