Saturday, May 26, 2018

15 Mar


I have had a girls weekend away this weekend which culminated in a trip to Barnsdale, the garden created by the legendary Geoff Hamilton for Gardeners World. While there was still little to see in the way of plants, the vegetable garden was full of activity and inspirational ideas. Lots of bits of soil, beautifully tilthed of course, were covered in fleece under which hid lettuces and broad beans amongst other things. There were some great ideas, including placing a small cold frame on top of bales of straw and compost, much like the pineapple pits at Heligan, to start off some early salad.

The upshot of the visit is that I am off out to the polytunnel to sow some lettuce seeds that I have left over from my Gardening Direct orders of last year. I am expecting some lettuce plants in April, but thought I would try and get a head start so I can compare progress.
Now that things are beginning to get going in the garden, I am pleased that I have ordered lots of plugs for ease of planting. This year, as opposed to last, I am working four days a week and anything that saves me time will be very welcome. I can’t see how I could fit those hours of pricking out into my current schedule, so am delighted that someone else is doing that task and I am getting the plants in a more ‘oven ready’ state so to speak.
I am very excited today as I have managed, in between my gardening, to dry not one, but two loads of washing on the line, a pleasure denied me for at least five months. These simple pleasures make all the difference!
In terms of plant activity, the garden is a fabulous carpet of snowdrops and aconites, late for certain this year, but a delight to see. The snowdrops have shot up this week and now have stems long enough to pick, so I have dotted them around the house and am enjoying their delicate scent.
Off now to make the most of this Spring day – happy gardening!


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