Sunday, May 27, 2018

11 Jan

Thawing Snow

Apologies for the long absence, no excuse other than the festive season and the prolonged snow, which has meant that gardening couldn’t be further form my mind. However, as the snow seems at last to be thawing, I am spurred into action.

I haven’t seen a blade of grass in the garden for the past three weeks, and for the past two everything has been under a foot of snow. The polytunnel has been encased in snow on several occasions, but seems to have withstood the weight.
Yesterday, as we unblocked the ice from the drains, the pansies in the pots outside the back door appeared after a long absence. I will be seriously impressed if they recover from their prolonged hibernation, but the are still green and have a few brave flowers.

The chickens have been looking increasingly forlorn, seriously unimpressed by their icy run. Yesterday I put them all in the poly tunnel to have a scratch and it was as if all their Christmases had come at once! I am sure I will regret introducing them to its delights once the summer comes, but for now it is a welcome relief.
Attached I hope are a few photos of the past few weeks for the Gardener in the North.




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