Sunday, May 27, 2018

23 Sep

Leaves, leaves and more leaves.

The pressing task of the moment is raking leaves. It seems relentless and disheartening, as no sooner are they cleared, than another lot appear. The only redeeming feature of the whole exercise is the accompanying bonfire, and this afternoon I had a great one. After first checking that the  wind  was in the right direction, one match was all that was needed to ignite a pyre of hedge clippings, branches and dry leaves – very satisfying!
As to the flowers, the begonias continue to amaze me, still going strong, with masses of white blooms, a definate for next year – Trailing Illumination White. The antirrhinums are still going strong, and I have transplanted some of the plants into the polytunnel to see if they will overwinter and produce some early blooms – I’ll keep you posted.

In the kitchen garden, I have just gathered a satisfying harvest of potatoes, the delightful Bambino tomatoes and carrots. I always lose heart with carrots in the middle of the season, fed up with all that thinning, but planted in buckets this year and with minimal attention, I have had a great harvest and it all feels worthwhile. I am still picking fabulous blowsy Dahlias – Tahiti Sunrise and definately plan to plant more next year, there is littel to beat them as a cut flower at this time of the year.  And thinking of next year, I am looking forward to an evening curled up on the sofa with the Gardening Direct catalogue to plan and dream about next years planting.


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