Saturday, May 26, 2018

12 May

Lots of arrivals and the first harvest

It is at this time of year that the poly tunnel comes into its own. The ambient temperature is the few degrees above that outside that makes a difference. The rocket and lettuce I planted a few weeks ago is flourishing and I ate my first homegrown rocket salad of the season which was utterly delicious.
I was really pleased to see that the dahlias are sprouting nicely and indeed every trip into the tunnel reveals more fresh new shoots which is all very exciting.
My tulips are finally flowering and well worth the wait. The ragged edges of the petals are very pretty and add much needed colour to the borders.

The deliveries arrive thick and fast, this week runner beans, cosmos and sweet peas, all as usual looking healthy and happy and ready to plant – this really is the most time efficient way to go about gardening!
However, the most exciting delivery of the week was of animal not vegetable – we were the happy recipients of Boris, Dave and Vince on Saturday and they are happily settled in their new home. I am trying not to get too attached as they are destined for the pot, but pigs are very appealing…….. That said I am looking forward to our first entirely home grown Sunday lunch – all I need to do now is plant a few apple trees……..


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