Saturday, May 26, 2018

10 Mar

Snow on the hills

I spoke to soon! I should have known it would happen, the mere mention of Spring and now, as I look from the window of the shed, I can see snow on the hills. The temperature dropped below zero last week, and it snowed, as if to remind me not to get too carried away in my belief that Spring had really arrived. Despite this there are still new signs of life around us. The broad beans that have inhabited the bathroom windowsill for the past three weeks have finally emerged, as have the sweet peas. The lettuce seeds, planted only last week have proved their eternal optimism and popped up enthusiastically. They look so delicate and it will be interesting to compare their progress with that of my plugs, which I know will arrive looking infinitely more robust, and save me the dreaded pricking out task.

This week has been taken up with digging the beds and spreading manure in preparation for planting. It is a backbreaking task, but satisfying and I know from experience that it will pay dividends in the long run, particularly as it is newly cultivated soil and needs a bit of working. I have put out a couple of cloches to warm up the soil before planting out, and am keeping a beady eye on my neighbours to see how their gardens are progressing to ensure I don’t get ahead of myself. I have this week joined in infamous Leek Club and will try my hand at growing competition leeks for the show in October. It is a serious business and being a total beginner expect that I will have more luck in the flower categories, blowsy chrysanthemums and dahlias, which are showy in every meaning of the word.


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