Sunday, May 27, 2018

06 Mar

Spring has finally arrived

Dare I say it, but it feels as if Spring has finally arrived. I know those more accustomed to the seasons here will draw their breath in through their teeth in caution, but in the garden on Saturday it definitely felt warm at last. The corner of the front garden is carpeted with aconites and the first ‘tete-a-tete’ have eagerly flowered.

This week, I have spent a satisfying afternoon tidying up the shed, which has been something of a dumping ground since it was reassembled following its journey north. I have put up hooks for tools and arranged the shelves in an orderly fashion. It is satisfying to see some sense of order and I have resolved to try and kepi it this way – there is nothing more frustrating than popping out for a quick five minutes in the garden, only to waste it all looking for the necessary piece of equipment.

I am dismayed to see that a mole has appeared in the polytunnel. It has been making its way there for some time and, despite the best efforts of husband and no.2 son in setting traps, it remains undeterred. I think it is time to call in reinforcements. Every village has a ‘mole man’ and this is no exception.

The highlight of the week has been taking delivery of a ‘bucketload’ of manure, which has been unceremoniously deposited on the drive. It has been hard work shifting it, but the beds are now blanketed and the polytunnel smells quite sweet and nourishing! All is now ready for the arrival of my plugs, so I wait with eager anticipation.


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