Sunday, May 27, 2018

13 Apr

The Frozen North???

The past few weeks have been fabulous weather wise – we have been basking in temperatures in double figures and the layers have peeled off as I have been digging in the garden – the temperatures in the poly-tunnel have been positively tropical. In weather such as this, the only place to be is the garden and I have had a frenzy of sowing. In the raised beds in the paddock I have had a final digging over before the planting of potatoes, and in the poly-tunnel I have planted a couple of rows of carrots and some mangetout peas. I have also planted my traditional row of peas in a piece of guttering. Peas being notoriously averse to being moved, the theory is that ,once established, the row of peas will elegantly slide out of the guttering into the prepared trench outside. This way the peas can get a bit of a head-start in the greenhouse and be planted out once the soil and air temperature is a bit more nurturing.  I  usually always feel a frantic sense of urgency at this time of the year, but the words of the vegetable expert echo in my ears  -”don’t plant out before May” - and the panic is replaced by relief as I realise that there is plenty of time.


Peas in a gutter

This week we have been joined in the garden by two pet lambs. In a moment of madness, I agreed to take on two orphan lambs, which the local farmer was only too happy to give away. They are a lot of work, being bottle fed four times a day, but totally adorable. They are in the stable  and when we let them out for  a run they bounce around the garden as lambs should and follow you around like, well, sheep. They have been christened Mint and Currant and are supposed to be for roasting, although I am being faced with a rebellion from the boys who are refusing to countenance the idea – I can see that they will be still happily munching the paddock this time next year – needless to say we had turkey, not lamb, for Easter!

Mint and Currant enjoy the daffs

Mint and Currant enjoy the daffs


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