Sunday, May 27, 2018

22 Jun

The Livestock Wars!

I have been tempted to throw in the towel this week. When we acquired the lambs, I was aware that sheep are famous for their escapology, but have now discovered that the problem is not so much keeping them in as keeping them out. This week they have managed to find their way once again, past netting and other barricades, into the polytunnel and have helped themselves to the first dahlia flowers, the broad beans and have taken the tops off the sweetcorn – the sooner thay are on the table the better, all sentimentality has gone out of the window. Not only that, but having fenced off the outside beds to keep out the chickens, lambs and rabbits, I have discovered a rabbit hole in the potato bed – I am tempted to just open the door and put up a ‘help yourself’ sign. It is SO disheartening.
Nonetheless, I am bent but not broken,, and my spirits have been raised by more harvesting, the first broad beans, some fabulous sweet peas and yet more lettuce. I have also dug a root of Maris Peer – a little too early I think as they are very small and have lots of early formed, but tiny tubors. The foliage is very tall and they are flowering, but I wonder whether the poly tunnel is the right place for them and may just grow them outside next year – I don’t know what experiences others have had….?
The pots outside the back door are doing well and the gazinia and nicotiana are in flower to cheer me up, that and the wonderful scent of the sweet peas in their vase in the kitchen

img_5168 - this gardening is a roller-coaster ride.


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