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23 Mar

The pleasures of a polytunnel

Just thought I would add – I spent some of this afternoon in the poly-tunnel, while the weather outside was somewhat inclement – strong winds and showers of rain. Those of you who enjoy camping will understand the pleasure of hearing the sound of rain on canvas, feeling its proximity, while being comfortably protected from it. Being in the poly-tunnel is somewhat akin to this, the pleasure being accentuated by being ‘out’ in the garden despite it being a grotty day.

Have attached photos of my broad beans – the first green in the tunnel! – and those outside protected by a miscellaneous collection of cloches.

protection from the elements and vermin

protection from the elements and vermin

My lovely wooden labels were a parting gift from Suffolk – hand-turned from Ousden oak – I am tempted to give them faces as like sentries they ‘guard’ my rows.



7 Comments on "The pleasures of a polytunnel"

  1. Ron Kennedy on Fri, 5th Jun 2009 8:46 am 

    What kink of poly tunnel do you recomment? West of Scotland cold and wet

  2. Gardener In The North on Fri, 5th Jun 2009 6:00 pm 

    I got mine from a company called First Tunnels and have been impressed with the service. Mine is 12 by 20 foot and is more than big enough for a beginner – it is a great place to garden on wet and windy days!

  3. Tunneler on Tue, 23rd Feb 2010 8:19 pm 

    Northern Polytunnels are widely used on the Western Isles, and seem to stand up better than most to our winds.

  4. Lady green fingers on Mon, 5th Apr 2010 10:46 pm 

    Waiting for my first polytunnel is worse than waiting for my first baby!

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