Saturday, May 26, 2018

26 Apr

Warm at last!

At last it feels as if being warm outside may be more than just a fantasy. There have been a few off days, but in the main the past two weeks have been hitting double figures on most days, quite a treat given that for the past few months anything above zero has been a cause for celebration! And, accordingly, I have been busy in the garden.

My first delivery from gardening direct was some lettuce seedling which I have planted straight out into the tunnel and, after a few days when they looked a bit shocked, they have now settled in nicely and look perky.

My other exciting delivery was my dahlia tubers. This year, I ordered the Cut Flower Collection and the Connoisseur Range to get some variety. I have planted half in the tunnel and the other half in pots ready to plant out in May time, so it will be interesting to see how the two compare. I hold out hope that these may bring me prizes in the Autumn leek and flower show where my leeks will undoubtedly fail.

On  a trip out to the garden, I was pleased to see that the purple sprouting broccoli is finally producing some yield, despite being buried under snow for the best part of two months, so I will look forward to tasting that. I also picked a lovely bunch of tulips, White Dream, which survived the chickens trip to the tunnel. The were fantastic, a pale white with a green tinge and perfectly formed, so very satisfying. I am off now to mow the lawn, a sure sign that things are warming up!


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