Sunday, May 27, 2018

16 Nov

Winter setting in

These last couple of weeks the climate has changed dramatically from a benign autumnal feel to the darker days of Winter – the days seem to have very suddenly shortened, I suspect due to the latitude and Little time seems available to get out in the garden.

That said, this is where the tunnel comes into its own. last weekend, I spent a happy couple of hours planting my winter pots, quite snug and warm, with the rain pattering on the polythene. I now have a whole selection of sizes of pots, planted up with two varieties of viola, ornamental cabbages and under planted with narcissus for that Spring surprise – very satisfying work. Although, it doesn’t pay to get to attached as one of them was hit by a stray football, followed by boy, this weekend, resulting in a rather untidy mess of pot, plants and soil -still no use crying over spilt milk as they say!

The highlight of my week was the arrival of my raspberry canes – Glen Ample – a variiety I have very successfully grown in Suffolk and I look forward to see how they adapt to the moere Northern Climes. I have heeled them in in the tunnel to await the departure of the sheep before planting them out. The date is now set for the end of Nov. I know that despite their irritations I will miss them, and the jury is out as too whether the boys will happily munch their way through the coveted crispy bits for Sunday lunch!


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