Sunday, May 27, 2018

10 Mar

2nd Try – back in the garden

Hope you have not got 2 versions of this the 1st vanished off the screen.
Just got back from the alps whrer it was -12 (with wind chill -28) when we left. this made the -4 on sunday night seem warm here in the west.
Much progress in 10 days since I ventured into our garden. Minature daffs are out, even more crocusses and snowdrops appearing and the early heathers are now out with the winter ones.
The dry week has sorted out the boggy ground so I rotavated the veg plot getting lovely crumbly soil for some very happy robins to forrage for buggs.
My neighbour planted out his1st earlies in Feb – I am still holding back because of the hard frosts at least 6 days a week here. I will watch with interest the progress in our two plots.
My out of date broad bean seeds planted before christmas are all10” and many flowering (in an unheated greenhouse) too soon? or will I get a bumper early crop – we’ll see. As they are so old I didn’t even expect germination.


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