Sunday, May 27, 2018

25 Jun


The seeds given to me by Gardening Direct have done very well.  I have filled a complete reused bed of the four varieties given to me to test and in my opinion they are great.  A good percentage germinated and all have produced strong plants as shown.


Peas and beans are also doing well as shown in the photos.  I have never had much luck with peas but this year I think I have got it cracked.  You will see all the rows have come up well and I have put some chicken wire over them to give them something to climb.


You will also see that I have also sown some peas in pots.  This is to fill in any areas that mice may have got to!


Finally, I have taken a shot of my tomatoes.  The plugs provided by Gardening Direct have come on very well and now the fruit is just beginning to form.  I would recommend that you feed them with a tomato fertiliser at least once a week but don’t overfeed as this can cause problems.


My garlic seems to be ready but I am not sure if it is too soon to pull them.  The tops have gone brown and as with onions I would now think that it’s time to dry them.  However, I am not 100% sure as it is the first time I have grown them.  Any advice gratefully received!



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