Saturday, May 26, 2018

20 Mar

A disappointing end to the weekend

What a lovely weekend we had and a great one to get out in the garden.  I did some weeding around my winter onions and garlic and put in my early potatoes as you can see from the photo below.  The raised bed had been used for strawberries but I moved them to a more convenient place in the garden about a month ago.  Potatoes are great for cleaning the ground and I had tipped quite a lot of woodburner ash onto the bed over the winter.  I dug the whole patch over, getting rid of any weeds and put two trenches either side of the bed.





I have been chitting the potatoes for the last three weeks in the greenhouse and I felt it was now right to get them in the ground.  You will see from the photos that I have planted them quite close together.  This is basically because I want nice round, small new potatoes.  My main crop will be planted slightly further apart.  Once you have heaped the soil over them making two good mounds, you can cover the ground with a fleece to give them a head start although I haven’t done it this year.


I have also been getting some seedlings under way, under glass.  Last week you saw my lettuce one inch high in the toilet roll pots.  This week I am going to get some more under way so I keep a regular supply through the summer months.  As a rule I always try and put some seeds in every four weeks.


Early carrots are also something else you can bring on in your garden or raised beds.  For those who have not got much room you can try them in large pots.  If you want to, you can start them under glass moving them outside as the weather improves.  I am personally a big fan of carrots in pots and I am reliably informed that by growing them in pots with one inch about the soil and the lip, this will prevent carrot fly.  This year I am going to try some pots outside to see if there is any difference from those given a helping hand under glass.  I will share the results with you in a later blog.


There is still no sign of my broad beans and I may have to resort to trying to dig a few up to see what is going on but patience very often pays off.


Whilst on the subject of fleece, I have always been told to use a fleece on the ground a good week prior to planting out any seeds especially in the early part of the season.  That extra warming of the ground will do enormous amounts in helping those seeds to germinate.


I have been asked to supply a photograph so you know what the gardener in the west looks like so …. here you are!  This was kindly taken by my eldest daughter, one evening just as we were losing the light.


Gardener from the West


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