Sunday, May 27, 2018

22 Apr

Gardening over Easter

This weekend me, the Gardener in the West, and my two daughters have been planting some early variety peas.  We raked the soil to be make sure it was relatively lump free before adding some of our homemade compost which consisted mainly of vegetable peelings and animal manure.  With a small 5” spade we dug a 5” x 1” trench and planted a variety of peas, watering thoroughly.    




We also now have some Easter chicks, which we hatched in the incubator.  We used a dozen of our eggs and a dozen donated by a friend.  After 21 days we had 8 lovely, fluffy Easter chicks but sadly one died leaving us with just 7.  We were lucky that one of our hens was broody and she took to them as though they were hers.

We have also been Spring cleaning and found my old nylon multifilament fishing net which we were going to throw away.  However, the wife had a good idea to use it to stop the birds eating the lettuces.   

First we cut up the loops then through the nylon multifilament fishing net.  The final result is shown in the photograph.

We secured it in the ground with two sticks/bamboo.

If you have an old multifilament net, which you no longer use, why not try it on your vegetable patch!          



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