Sunday, May 27, 2018

20 Nov

New Gardener In The West

Hello I’m the new gardener in the very windy west! The valleys are flooded and even on the hillsides the heavy clay soil is waterlogged. The “autumn clean” is in progress here – compost heaps and bonfires piled high. There is some scent and colour returning though – the viburnum bodnantense is very pink and the less showy lonicera purpusii (a shrub honeysuckle) is getting its highly scented delicte cream flowers. Ours is close to the house and is still growing well after 10 years. I’ve just acquired a climbing winter/spring flowering lonicera fragrantissima – still waiting for the first flowers. If you need some ground colour the autumn & spring cyclamen seem to be resistant to most things here except pheasants trampling them! l


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