Sunday, May 27, 2018

28 Dec

Hope you enjoyed Christmas.

We had snow on the ground icing sugar trees and beautiful blue sky – all very festive. One problem however, I sent my husbeand into the veg plot to pick the frosted sprouts for Christmas dinner, hoping that the frost would have sweetened them as my grandmother said it should. He came back in with a grand total of 3 – not even one each! The plot is rabbit fenced but rats, mice, pigeons etc can get in. I’m not sure which stripped the canes so completely. More success on Boxing Day we had another 20 yews arrive just Christmas week and a warm day allowed them to be dug in with plenty of well rotted garden compost that had been kept dry and frost free by covering with recycled black bags. This is the best compost I have ever managed to make and I’m sure that having three rather than two bins allowing a three year rotation has helped.


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