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08 Jun

I’ve been busy!

After a few weeks away your Gardener in the West is back and I have been very busy in the garden.


I have now been receiving regular deliveries of my plug plants, via the Post Man, from Gardening Direct.  I must say I find them a very convenient and easy way to ‘grow your own’.


The first to arrive were the cabbages and purple sprouting.  I planted them out into slightly larger pots to help them get started and very much like us after a long journey, I felt they could do with a treat.  I was also aware that they needed to acclimatise before planting out.  First of all I kept them under glass for two days.  I then put them outside during the day, bringing them in at night for three days.  I kept them fully outside for a further three days and then felt they were ready to be planted out.  Two weeks have now passed since they arrived and I am sure you will agree they are doing well. 


You will notice from the photograph I have covered the sprouts, purple sprouting, etc. all in plastic netting as last year I lost a lot of crops to the caterpillars.  I like to be as ‘non chemical’ as possible so the net was a good alternative.  I will report later as to how I am getting on.


My tomatoes have also been doing well and have been treated very much the same as the plug plants.  I got them into the greenhouse about eight days ago and I am very pleased with them this year.  I have dug in a lot of home made compost and I think it is already having a positive effect.


The biggest mistake I feel that people make with tomatoes is they don’t pull the shoots out at regular intervals.  A shoot is fresh growth between the stem and leaf and if you don’t pull them out all of the plants energies will go into growing greenery and not producing fruit.  (TIP – if you have run out of tomato plants and want just a couple more, plant the shoots in a small pot and ‘hey presto’ another plant appears!  My father always said they would produce a stronger plant but I have no evidence to prove this.)


In my next blog I will share some more tips on getting those toms to produce fruit quickly. 


My cucumber plants have also gone in and seem to be doing OK although I must admit I have not got great experience of these.  Again my father always put them on a small mound as apparently they don’t like their ‘feet’ (roots) being constantly wet.  I am not sure if this is true or not but I have followed this idea this year.  Perhaps if anybody reading this blog has any thoughts on this, they could let me know.


Finally you will see I have got my courgette plants in and my lettuces grown from Gardening Direct seeds are also doing well.  

I will give you a full report in my next blog. 


Looking forward to next time.


Your Gardener in the West.


One Comment on "I’ve been busy!"

  1. mary drewett on Fri, 12th Jun 2009 7:23 am 

    I had a cucumber rotted off this year, so am going to take your fathers advice and plant the next one in a mound.
    Great to also get free tomato plants —-must give that a go.

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