Saturday, May 26, 2018

01 Dec

Holly Picking

Last week I made a mental note to pick some holly before the goldfinches and redwings arrive and strip the berries off in one fell swoop. Friday evening at dusk I saw the first redwing of the season on the common – looked outside the next morning to see an empty holly tree – too late again for me! I have resorted to adding plastic berries inside the house. I have had success planting broad beans in pots – the mice eat the beans before germination if I plant directly in the ground. This year 49/50 have germinated and are almost growing too quickly.

A neighbour recomended dipping the beans in parafin before planting to stop them being eaten, but I don’t fancy parafin in the veg plot. I have just purchased another 25 bare rooted yews to reform a hedge that has been strangled over the years by ivy and invading sycamore and ash seedlings – despite being informed repeatedly the we will not live to see a fully grown hedge – the 2 sections already replaced over the last 3 years are growing well. The thermometer has now gone above zero so some planting to do once I have filled the trench with compost.


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