Sunday, May 27, 2018

13 Jul



This weekend I planted my very well established leek plants.  I would normally have got these in during June but this year I seem to be late with a lot of my planting.  Leeks are a wonderfully easy vegetable to grow and don’t suffer with caterpillars or slug problems which some other vegetables do.



I plant mine in square blocks as shown in the photo using a dibber which makes a good 3” – 4” hole, about 6” – 8” apart.  Drop the leeks into the hole then fill with water.  This will allow the soil to lightly fill around the leek enabling it to grow easily.  Obviously the part of the leek below the ground forms the nice white part.



We also hung our garlic up at the weekend.  This has been drying in the greenhouse.  As you know it is the first year I have grown a large amount of garlic and I tied them in bunches of eight to ten bulbs.  We used an old chain to hang them in the wood store.  This area is covered by open at both ends allowing a good flow of air which will hopefully keep the bulbs in good condition for the next six months or so.  Believe it or not there are in excess of eighty bulbs on the chain.  You can store your onions in the same way.


Finally an update on my tomatoes – I have a good supply of fruit just turning in colour.  We hope to do our first picking in the next week or so.


Happy Gardening


From the Gardener in the West


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