Sunday, May 27, 2018

26 Mar

Moles and more moles

Today I took delivery of a huge vibrating roller to help restore the grass to something like alawn rather than the surface of the moon. We occasionally have few moles – so do alot of you I’m sure. The hills were even popping up through 5″-6″ of snow. This however was nothing to the surprise we got when the snow melted. Thet had used the snow as the top of the tunnels so the lawn looked like ground on the underside of a stone where there is an ants nest – the difference being that this run of tunnels covers an area of approx. 15 x 20 M. We have now got vibrating pegs in the ground to deter new mole activity I also have a mole trap lent by the woodman but I haven’t got the heart (or probabally the skill) to use it. Putting deisel down the runns was another helpful suggestion offered to me but  doesn’t  seem right either.

Good news – my Bird of paradise plant purchased about 4 years ago has 2 huge flower spikes for the 1st time – I was expecting to wait for up to 10 years – photo will be posted if they open!


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