Sunday, May 27, 2018

12 Apr

Moles vanishing

having raked and rolled the lawn to repair the mole damage the mole repellers that I got from gardening direct do seem to keep the moles away from the lawn! Mole activity is all near the edges only - sadly excavating the rabbit fence posts round the veg plot - so I have just purchased a few more to enlarge the area protected.

At last the magnolias are coming into bloom, the stellata slightly ahead. January 2009 the rabbits completely ring-barked a 12 yr old magnolia which to my surprise has more buds on than ever. We have acquired a 3rd one (in an old plastic barrel) from a neighbour who no longer has room for it & admitted that it had never flowered. I tipped 2 buckets of homemade compost on it last year and it too has flowers so will be planted out now proven to be worth having. It is always worth feeding plants before giving up on them!


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