Wednesday, July 18, 2018

12 May

More New Arrivals

Well it’s now mid May and we are waiting for the may blossom and chestnuts to come into full flower. It’s 3.30pm and only 9 degrees.

I Have planted out last weeks arrivals – 6 black currant bushes just over a meter apart with plenty of compost topped off with some wood chip mulch. A few green tips are sprouting – I’m not sure what to expect – if anything from the plants this year. The cabbages and runner beans have greened up quickly now out of the boxes but still in the greenhouse due to the persistent threat of frost.

My Daphne (Adora Aurea marginatum) which is normally late winter flowering is still covered in highly scented flowers but looking a little anaemic I’m not sure whether the prolonged cold or excessive flowering is exhausting it. They like ericaceous soil which we do not have so a top up may be needed.

The swifts and swallows are back so hopefully will summer be soon!


2 Comments on "More New Arrivals"

  1. Linda on Thu, 20th May 2010 4:47 pm 

    I also have a daphne adora which is in a pot on the patio but just recently some of the leaves have turned yellow and falling, do you have any idea what is wrong. Have I watered it to much.

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