Sunday, May 27, 2018

26 Apr

New Arrivals

I have just got back from work to find a neatly packaged box of bare rooted scented roses from gardening direct. I had to prepare the ground before I could even make tea! I have heard that new roses do well in an old rose bed only if the soil is replaced so I have dutifully removed a barrowful for each rose position. This has been replaced with  homemade compost. I will add some manure when it arrives. Hopefully the display & scent will be worth the digging!

More goodies due later in the week. The rest of my onion setts seem to be surviving  and beetroot ,carrots & spinach have all germinated outside. 8 sweetcorn also showing shoots in pots in the greenhouse – if I plant the seeds of these out directly they get eaten before germination


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