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26 Aug

Peppers & Chillies

In my last blog I promised an update on my peppers and chillies so here we are!  I am convinced they are not as advanced as they should be but the lack of sunshine this year does go some way to explaining that.


The photo shows the sweet peppers.  I am getting three to four on each bush which I am pleased with.  We have a few last night for tea and they were lovely.


The second photo shows my upside down growing chillies which I think are amazing and no its not trick photography – they actually grow this way!  I grew these from seed and each bush produces a good forty chillies which is great if you like curry.


Photo 3 shows some forming peppers and I have to confess I have misplaced their variety and as to how large they should grow before you pick them I just don’t know!  If anybody knows what they are, please let me know.


Finally photo 4 shows my bean row which is now producing pounds of beans.  Like everything in the garden it all seems to come at once.  Don’t forget if you have too many to eat for meals, blanch and freeze them for later in the year.


Alternatively make green bean chutney.  It is fantastic and so easy to make.  If you would like the recipe contact me and I will post it on my next blog.


Happy Gardening


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  1. Tony on Tue, 1st Sep 2009 6:47 pm 

    Fab blog. Yes please can we have the recipe for Green Bean Chutney.



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