Sunday, May 27, 2018

19 Apr

pests poppies & peonies

The mole repellers have arrived and I’ve decided to put one by the compost to deter the reccurent rat visits as the lawn has now been mole free since the deterents were installed.

The poppies and peonies are all in bud – the cold winter has not delayed them. Rather strange as they normally fill the gaps after the daffodils have died back and of course they are still flowering.

I planted 50 onion setts yesterday, thinking I may save myself the job of resiting them after the birds have dislodged them every day, I put my butterfly cloches over them until they root. To my dismay this morning one row of 20 now is a row of ONE! One hungry mouse!?

I have just ordered some bedding plants to grow on in the greenhouse before planting out.  It is tempting in this fine weather to put plants out too early


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